Welcome to A Chance To Play Southern Africa (ACTPSA)



ACTPSA has trained 135 play facilitators in 6 SADC countries impacting over 40, 000 children aged 2 – 16.  Many of these play facilitators have trained others.


The BASIC PLAY FACILITATION COURSE consists of the following modules:

1. What is play?

♠ Reflections on own play; Defining Play; Benefits of and Threats to Play; Types of Play; Play and Gender; Play and Culture

2. The Child’s Right to Play

♠ United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights, with a special focus on Article 31; African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of a Child – Article 12; UN General Comment 17 (2013) – what governments and parents must do to live up to their responsibilities around children’s right to play

3. Big Group Games

♠ The Art of leading (facilitating) Play; How to play various games; Planning Play; Adapting Play to various needs; Making Play equipment from scrap materials; Play and Harmony; Play Clubs;

4. Free Play – Child Directed Play

♠ Imaginative Play; Loose Parts Play

5. Outdoor Play

♠ Motivation to make Play happen; Play Activities for different ages and abilities; Playing in Nature; Child Participation; Safety

6. Brain Games

♠ Puzzles, board and card games, thinking games and activities; Age appropriate activities; Making a board/card game; Taking care of games

7. Creative Activities – painting, drawing, storytelling, mud and water play

8. Drama , Cultural activities, Dance

9. Facilitating Play

♠ Facilitating different types of Play; Planning Play Days, Play Sessions, Street Play, World Play Day Events

10. Child safety during Play

The training course can be adapted to suit specific requirements. The Basic Course is held over 4 days. If training is requested for a group from a particular area the trainer travels to the area. In this case the host is responsible for the venue and refreshments.

Workshops are also held that cover specific training topics as requested.

For further information contact Nangi at actpsouthernafrica@gmail.com

A participant demonstrating a toy she has made from scrap materials.

Remembering what role play feels like!