Welcome to A Chance To Play Southern Africa (ACTPSA)

What we do

A Chance to Play Southern Africa’s core focus is on

♦ The Child’s Right to Play and the education of stakeholders about the importance of play as defined in UN General Comment 17 (2013)
– Play is non-compulsory, driven by intrinsic motivation for its own sake, rather than as a means to an end.

♦ The training of play facilitators

♦ Play Forums made up of community members (including children) that work towards the establishment of enough safe and appropriate play areas for children  of all ages and abilities within their own community

We achieve this through

♣ Information sharing Bulletins, Newsletters,  Facebook, Twitter and our Website

♣ Free downloads of our publications – the A Chance to Play  Manual; Play Today Pamphlets (in 5 local languages);  Play Today Booklet for Parents (with keywords in 10 official languages) with a Facilitator’s Booklet and the Success Story Booklet (See Resources)

♣ A 4-day training course  on facilitating play for children of all ages (See training).  We are currently producing training material for distance learning.

♣ A model for establishing a Play Forum involving parents and children. This includes obtaining the support of the local Ward Councillor who ensures that Play and Recreation are on the Agenda of local government committees.

♣ Supporting WORLD PLAY DAY (WPD – 28 May) by holding play events and by motivating others to hold similar play events. Thousands of children in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Lesotho have access to more opportunities to play in a safe environment because of the efforts of ACTPSA and its affiliates.

♣ Lobbing government. Our Play Policy Brief was launched on 31 May 2017. This document is being used to create awareness in all tiers of government about the importance of play, especially child-directed play, and what needs to be done to implement Article 31 – the Child’s Right to Play and Recreation.