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Joining forces to spread the word and drive awareness.

A year in partnership between ACTP and Nikolorum Design Partners

When one hears the term Play Champion, one immediately assumes it involved pushing swings, tending to knee grazes and keeping a watchful eye dressed as a valiant knight or fearsome dragon… It’s much more than that.
Play Champions is a movement for change! It’s a virtual community of individuals / organisations / businesses from different walks of life who hold a special place in their lives for play. We are here for the children, but the resources and funding to keep us operational don’t happen on a playground. Whether you have a natural talent with children or if your true skill lies in boardroom negotiations, you can become a Play Champion!

A play champion:
• believes in the value of play;
• is committed to influencing communities and municipalities to improve play opportunities in their areas;
• invests time and creates opportunities for play;
• funds play;
• acts as an ambassador driving the play agenda;
• advocates for play in their communities and through their work;
• supports events like World Play Day and create play opportunities in their communities e.g. Street Play;

• and shares ideas, experiences and success stories in our newsletter and on our social media pages.

Raise your hand and say I Can Help!

Joining forces to spread the word and drive awareness. 

A year in partnership between ACTP and Nikolorum Design Partners.

A few extra hours doing what you do best could make a huge difference for A Chance to Play South Africa. This was the motivation for the advertising specialists and designers of Nikolorum Design Partners in Johannesburg to get involved. 

We believe that you don’t need to be a large brand or corporation to enjoy the success that results from a well-designed campaign. This can be the difference between a failure and success. We began our journey with ACTP as a normal client – unpacking where they were positioned, deciding what needed to be done and outlining the most strategic path to take – but we soon realised that what ACTP needed was much more than what they could afford. So in 2021, we offered them access to our skills, talents, resources and connections for a year at no cost. It didn’t take long before we were hooked! We now consider ourselves part of the team and are as invested in ACTP’s success as they are. We will continue our journey with them as long as we can and encourage you to do the same. 

There are many charities and NGOs in need of support and asking for similar aid. The reason we chose to commit to ACTP was driven by two things. 

One, we believe in the cause! Being parents ourselves, we believe that the work ACTP does cannot be overstated if we are to prepare our children for the burden of future leadership! It’s an overwhelming responsibility and they need the best possible foundation we can offer them.

And two, ACTP has done amazing work since registering as an NGO in 2013 with never more than two staff members at any given time. Despite funding constraints and a lack of visibility, great strides were made in 2021. ACTP has never made any general appeals. However, to reach the organisation’s goal of enabling the appropriate play opportunities that all our children deserve, ACTP needs our support.

Our current campaign serves to raise awareness of the importance of play and to somewhat aggressively remind those who have the resources and ability to help, that they also have the responsibility to help. In a world of chaos and uncertainty, we help where we can with what we have. It’s the only way forward and we are in it for the long haul. We are very grateful to Cynthia and the board for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this vital cause.

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What is a Play Enabler?

Are you good with kids?
Do you enjoy playing as much as they do?
Are you committed to the development of children and understand the importance of play?
Then you are a Play Enabler!

A Play Enabler creates opportunities for play by starting a Play Forum; inviting children to take part in group games; organising street play; negotiating with shopping centres for children to use parking areas for skateboarding at quiet times over weekends; organising play days, especially on World Play Day (28 May) and arranging monitoring of play at playgrounds and other play spaces by volunteers.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity!

What is a Play Activist?

Are you committed to play but not so good with children?
Do your talents lie in advocacy or around
the negotiating table?
Perhaps in chasing that target by raising money?

Then you are a Play Activist!

Play Activists share information about play events within their community and encourage groups like schools and religious groups to take part; work with community members on conducting a play audit on the play spaces available in the neighbourhood; help to create and distribute fact sheets and letters to local decision-makers (businesses, corporates & government officials) in cooperation with ACTP.

What is a Play Patron?

Does your talent lie with organisation, representation,
logistics, service providing, or event coordination?

Are you the glue that holds a group together
ensuring things are done properly and on time?
Then you are a Play Patron!

Play patrons use their influence and contacts to spread the word about the right to child-led play, its importance, the general neglect of this right and the work of ACTP in realising the child’s right to play; lead or help with the planning and organisation of golf days and and other fundraising initiatives and offer their services in support of ACTP’s work, vision and mission.